Thursday, October 18, 2007

Secret of the Stole

September 17, 2007
Sometimes I think half the fun of knitting is picking out a project and then finding the right materials to use. Here is my swatch for Secret of the Stole. The yarn is Knitpicks Shadow in the redwood forest colorway. I also have some Shadow in the lost lake colorway, which is a dark green, but I think I'll stick with this color for now. I'm having a difficult time choosing the right beads. Here are the choices. On the far left of the swatch, placed vertically are sz 6 beads in light topaz. The rest of the beads are size 8. The next two over, placed vertically are silver-lined crystal. Toward the bottom, placed horizontally are dark topaz. The next two, placed vertically are crystal rainbow, then there are two black opaque beads placed vertially, and on the bottom are two green metallic beads, placed horizontally. In this photo, the crystal rainbow beads really show nicely, but I also like the dark topaz or the green metallic. I don't really like the larger ones - I think they're too big for this. The black opaque beads don't show up very well, and if I'm going to the trouble of putting beads on this, I want them to be visible. I have a couple weeks left before I decide for sure.

I decided to go with the crystal rainbow beads. Here's a picture of hint 1 completed on October 12. The beads don't show up very well in the pictures, but on the real stole they look nice.

Hint 2 Oct 16

Hint 3 Oct 24

Hint 4 Oct 29

Hint 5 Nov 5

Hint 6 Nov 14

Hint 7 Nov 2o

Hint 8 Nov 26

Blocking - Nov 28

Finished Nov 29 – Photo 1

Finished Nov 29 – Photo 2


Nautical Knitter said...

Your swatch looks fabulous! I especially like the beads in the very center. I can't wait to see your finished stole.

nauticalknitter said...

Oh, now that you have finished it I absolutely love it! The color is great! Congratulations.